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Arran-Tara Elementary School has developed a Code of Conduct in collaboration with students, staff, families and the community, for the purpose of ensuring that our school is a safe and secure place to learn, work and play.
This Code of Conduct adheres to the Safe Schools Act and is applicable to all members of our school community - students, parents, volunteers, staff, bus drivers and visitors - in all areas related to the school environment. Our School Code of Conduct is based upon the Bluewater District School Board's 10 Character Attributes.

We all have the RIGHT . . .


The Tiger Codeto learn and experience success

The Tiger Codeto attend school regularly by being on time and following routines and rules in all school activities, on and off school property

The Tiger Codeto participate in my education by being an active learner and do my best work

The Tiger Code to be ourselves, as individuals

The Tiger Codeto accept there are different ideas, values, families and cultures of others

The Tiger Code to be respected and valued

The Tiger Codeto use caring words and actions to solve problems in a peaceful and honest way

The Tiger Code to a safe and positive environment

The Tiger Codeto show consideration for the belongings of others and things we all share

The Tiger Codeto use technology in a way that does not cause harm to myself or others

The Tiger Codeto an environmentally friendly place

The Tiger Codeto care for the Earth by practicing the three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle)

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